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Voice Based Services

Voice-Based Services - Retention, Collection, Profiling, Customer Service, Lead Generation


Despite Sales teams efforts,there are certain concerns and/ or miscommunication which create risk of losing a customer. Our team helps in understanding
the issue, a suitable resolution is provided, waivers and/or freebies are used as retention tools based on the circumstances Collection:The approach is intended in accordance with the principle and is conducted by calling customers whose outstanding payments are over due or about to be due. Based on the age, value and history, customers are politely reminded to make the payment in order to enjoy continued services. Cases where contact is not possible are attended by Field executives within their designated areas.


updation and Centralization are smart ways of appreciating value on existing portfolios.
By deploying Strategic tele-services aided with field support, we can work on data subdivision and analysis to help you in calculating and organizing.
We can update and develop your existing customer database by obtaining current contact status, updated addresses, e-mail ID and any other pertinent details.
This will offer multiple assistance like periodic customer health check, top of mind recall, retention, referral, cross sell and up sell.

Customer Service:

As the term suggests it is to ensure that post sales, the customer is happy with the product or the service offered and to ensure that appropriate guidance, assistance, information etc are provided through highest service levels.
The initial line is through an inbound customer contact over phone and successive action, if necessary, is based on the need.
The essence of good customer service is establishing a relationship with customers that the individual customer would like to pursue

Lead Generation:

Lead Generation is most effective through outbound Telecalling; it is a personal marketing and sales lead generation technique that offers a result oriented
alternative to other options like event, web, print, field selling etc.
Both B2B and B2C campaigns can be targeted & you can reach maximum decision-makers optimizing the cost per contact. Right agent selection, training, script, tracking
& timely follow up will help achieve targeted results. The other key pre-requisite is to work on logically mined and NDNC scrubbed Data.