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Temp Staffing

Temp staffing needs are attended through our time tested and budget friendly approach.
While functionally reporting to a client at site, administratively the employees continue to be on the rolls of i2 Pro Management Services Pvt. Ltd.
The arrangement serves as a multi pronged co-employment operation between a Client, i2 Pro and the Employee.
This enables the Clients to plan cost cutting and to maximize internal resources, to focus on core business and makes scaling/ downsizing relatively convenient.
All services pertaining to administration, HR, Payroll functions and statutory compliance are provided by us allowing the client to conserve time, cost and effort.
Apart from the above, our services also include Registrars and Transfer Agents Services, Depository Connectivity Services, Initial Public Offers -Registry-related Services, Rights and Bonus Issues (Registry related Services), Fixed Deposits (Registry related Services), Other Registry related Services etc.