Fraud Monitoring


Are you aware how much of your hard earned profits go to subsidize bad loans, false claims or uncollected bills?
Most of this could be the result of an individual representing himself to you under different identities. An identity definition today would comprise of "Name, address, DOB, introducer, Passport number etc".
Every time the individual transacts with you for a new relationship he/she might change these identity elements ever so slightly that it never shows up in a regular "text search" or a "sort list" making it difficult for conventional software to identify the total nature of the individual relationship.
To make it even more complicated, in most organizations this data is not centralized

If an individual has 10 relationships, it's possible that each relationship has been opened at a different service center. So each one gets stored in different databases and possibly different systems, making it impossible to compare all across.

With i2 Pro, you can merge, standardize, clean and de-duplicate customer evidence from across the organization. This enables you to create consolidated and standardized customer profiles for a single enterprise customer view.