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Data Processing

Application Form Processing, Data Analysis, Back Office support, Document Management & Warehousing.
We understand that data is an asset to any business
Data if not made readily available in a consequential format at a preferred moment may result in a loss of business prospect and affect customer satisfaction levels.
Our experienced pool of human resources and vigorous processes well supported with technology has made managing even the most complex data projects an effortless task.

Application Form Processing:
Data digitization, Catalog conversion, Image processing, Data warehousing services are offered by i2 Pro Services.
Our expertise is to set up a process and provide solution to convert documents/ images in digital format. Our indigenous vibrant single application gives you various options to develop any project through manual/ single entry or maker checker or D1- D2- Compare, with verification and editing, delivering accurate data entry results provided in obligatory output.
Document Management & Warehousing: is one of the important constituent of customer life cycle management; it supports multiple query resolution and legal compliance in many cases.
i2 Pro Services has the data to treat the documents against damage and warehouse by placing the physical documents in appropriate condition in pouches/ folders,
cartons and racks to repossess them as and when required through our technology solution, trained manpower and quality check team with in required TAT (Turn around Time).
Back Office support : can be provided to diverse businesses in handling their deskwork, MIS reports, office logs and activities such as Invoice Processing - Order Management - Payroll processing - Market survey - Questionnaires - On line forms - Shipping documents - Bulk Printing - Mailing etc.