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Customer Service

Data cleansing, data enrichment and data deduplication will transform your knowledge, from just knowing accounts, to actually knowing individuals.
Once you convert a vision to a customer, the question, 'how to retain im/her in such a competitive surrounding?' arises.
This is especially true in the existing tough competitive environment, where every other competitor constantly tries to lure away your client to make him switch loyalty.
To deal with such a situation, you need to create a strong lasting bond of loyalty amongst your customers.
This loyalty would translate into the customer developing a healthy rapport with you which encourages him/her to give positive referrals to his/her contacts in a most spontaneous way.
You could formulate a customer service delight program with many wonderful features like "Points program", "Memberships", "Special Offers", "Great Ambiance" and more.
However in order for all this to interlace mutually with the customer joyous experience, you need data about the Individual - what is the nature of his relationships with you, how many of his/her family members are also your customers.
Demographic and geographic information would be an additional help.
In addition to our head office located at Powai in Mumbai, i2 Pro Mgmt. Services Pvt. Ltd. have own and associate offices in strategic locations across India.
The Company was promoted in 1995 by a group of enterprising, like-minded individuals from related industries and is ably supported and managed by a team of young professionals who have the expertise in Information Technology, BPO, Retail Finance, Insurance and Telecoms.
Our reputation is built by solving complex data quality problems and our core strength is "People and Process".
This helps in developing customized solutions to suit various industries and we simplify complex process activities through re-engineering & technology which result in cost effective solutions, time bound deliveries, error free and international standards quality products & services.
We are regarded today by our clients as a highly reliable, competent and quality conscious superior team. i2 Pro Services have moved from fixing Data Quality to helping clients get significant insights about their data.
While doing so, we also address problems to do with information flow in your organization - from extraction to migration to population into your destination systems.
We also provide Data Quality assessment metrics on an ongoing basis and provide you with assistance and training to evolve best practices for your organization.
Our experts can help you with your analytical requirements and define the problem in consultation with you.
They can run the various analyses using statistical tools and provide you with valuable insights.
i2 Pro Services enable companies with large volumes of legacy and incremental customer data with early identification of significant benefits, if any, from investments in Business Intelligence and Master Data Management.
Ii2 Pro Services also enables organizations to meet their compliance and transparency objectives which are top in the list of concerns today.
This Business intelligence is spontaneously understood by the person behind the data which in turn promotes customer service, customer communication and market strategy competitiveness drastically.


High quality, clean, accurate, standard (across systems) and complete data is a pre-requisite for meeting the requirements of all these mandates and regulations.
Whether you are either matching customer records against Specially Designated Nationals (SDN), or international sanctions, or Do-Not-Call lists; or taking responsibility for the decisions made by your organization; or verifying your organization's liquidity levels, you may want to be supported by dependable information.
If your reports indicate you as compliant, but the underlying data is un-reliable, you could be in trouble.