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Credit Services

Address/ Credit Verification (AVCV) & Credit Appraisal Services
AVCV thrives on accurate and appropriate information and our delivery model is structured around selection and training of manpower, following the right process and integration of a strong audit mechanism driven by technology to arrest misconception of facts.
AVCV activity is conducted by desk authentication and field validation, the address is confirmed at both office and residence as specified by the creditor, any
correction, landmark etc is captured. Assessment of the customer's predecessor, standard of living, assets owned by the customers, rapport in the locality,
profession, default history, political association etc are verified & noted as per the requirement of our principal, this is based on the nature & value of the credit availed
We can design a judgmental credit rating engine, where critical parameters & sub-parameters can be assigned dynamic weight scores on mutually agreed basis of the
principal's business requirement. The data collected can be fed in to the application & credit appraisal can be carried by generating scores & assist in providing limits logically.
A standard process of field verification involves importing cases; printing of labels, Pre/ Post telecalling allocation, allocation of cases to FOS according to
areas and collecting course plans to audit, feedback of visit from executive, Data entry of the cases in software, Audit of the entered cases, credit review of the field, telecalling and captured data, Export to Client at the scheduled time.
Some of the other activities/areas where we extend assistance to IPO registry/Post issue related matters include the following:
Collection of data and Forms from Banks
Liaise with clients and issue intermediaries
Redressal of investor queries
Data capturing / validation/ reconciliation
Provide allotment alternatives in consultation with client /merchant banker and regulatory authorities
Facilitating listing
Filing of return of allotment
Uploading of data to the depositories for crediting of securities electronically
Despatch of refund orders /share certificates/credit advice
Periodic report submission to regulatory authorities
Reconciliation of refund payments
Attending to post issue investor queries
Processing and printing of offer register
Printing and despatch of CAF with letter of offer
Mail instruction to collecting bank /branches
Data capture and preparation of basic allotment
Preparation of allotment register/print share certificate/refund orders
Updating of data to depositories for crediting securities electronically
Despatch share certificates/intimation letters
Merger and demerger related services
Subdivision of shares and exchange
Open offers de-listing and buyback processing services
Facilitate listing
Filing of return of allotment
Reconciliation of refund payments
Attending to post issue investor queries
periodic submission of reports to regulatory bodies
Processing of transfer of Securities in physical form
Recording of change in the form of holding i.e., conversion of physical holding into electronic holding (dematerialization and re-materialization). Interaction with
NSDL/CDSL for ISIN creation/ activation
Corporate actions
Reconciliation of electronic holding/interaction with Depository Participants
Recording movement of investor holding and their basic information including their specimen signatures in electronic media
Processing transmission /transposition /consolidation of holdings
Issue of duplicate share certificates
Registration of Nomination
Registration of legal documents such as Power of Attorney etc
Investor services including providing investor related information across counters through written communication and through telephone and via e mail
Disbursement of cash and non-cash corporate benefits which includes dividend/ interest/ redemption payments
Provide periodic statistical information to clients such as pattern of holding category wise distribution, geographical distribution of holders etc
Maintenance of records of inward/outward
Maintenance and upkeep of statutory records such as transfer deeds, demat/remat request form, register of members, allotment registers, undelivered returned
security documents and other registers and returns
Processing of call payments and endorsements
Fixed deposits -registry related services
Acceptance of application
Data capture, validation, print and despatch of receipts
Renewal and repayment processing
Processing and distribution of periodic interest
Efficient and quick transmission of payments through RTGS, NEFT, D/C (Direct credit) and ECS.
Payments through physical instruments and electronic credit
Reconciliation of interest and repayments
Periodic returns to statutory authorities
Attending to investor queries