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Benefits of e-Insurance account.

Why should I opt for an e-Insurance? What are the benefits?

Come, let us have a look:

1. It is FREE ... yes.. Opening an e-Insurance is absolutely free.

2. Stay Organized : Times have changed now. Traditionally, people used to have scant regard for insurance, insurance policies and products.Even those who opted for it, were very few in numbers. With change of times, this trend has slowly but surely changed. In present times, more and more people are opting for various kinds of insurances, be it, Medical,General or Motor Insurance to cite a few.With more and more policies and products in one's possession, keeping track and being focused have become increasingly difficult and unmanageable.Here is where e-Insurance comes to one's rescue.

3. Better Service, Better Maintenance: Raising queries with insurance companies and getting resolved is a time consuming and tedious task. With e-Insurance account you raise queries on line by generating tickets. Queries are tracked and answered in a much effective manner as compared to traditional approach.

4. Its Confidential: You do not want to reveal to your nominees about their nominations? Not to worry. Also you may appoint Authorized representatives (like Power of Attorney Holders) and keep your information secured.

5.Rest assured, Your family is safe : With an e-Insurance, your e-policy is safe from any kind of physical damages or loss due to natural or other calamities.
It is safe even in your absence. Claims can be easily raised and tracked.

6.It is convenient: Buying a new policy should not worry you much about the documents required.
Single e-insurance account takes care of KYC norms compliance. Hence no need of repeating multiple documents each time.

7 Reminders: Periodic reminders are sent to you keeping you alert and informed.
Hence you do not end up with paying late payment fees or stay unprotected due to non- payment of premiums.

8 Unified View - Save your valuable time : Convenience of viewing and tracking all the policies at a single platform help you in saving your time.

9 Go Green : You are rendering a valuable service to the environment and society by transforming your insurance products to electronic mode. Less paper work will save more trees.

10 Regulated by IRDA : e-Insurance is regulated by IRDA. Hence it is safe.

11 Available on all of your favorite devices: e-Insurance is accessible on all of your favorite devices.

Convinced and feel like registering with e-Policy ? Go Ahead and do it. It is really easy-Just fill up the eIA form and relax. You may also reach us on the below mentioned numbers or email address.

i2Pro Management Services Pvt Ltd.
J-201, Tower No.5,2nd Floor,
International Infotech Park
Phone: +91 022 27814466
Email: einsurance@i2pro.in

All policies will be considered in a single Electronic Insurance Account (eIA) irrespective of existing of new policies life or general.